Deep Thoughts


So this is a video that I found on YouTube awhile ago. It reminds me of how we communicate nowadays, acronyms! And it’s like a viral spread around the world right now! Kids nowadays speak like this and it’s worrying me BIG TIME! We have to start thinking about communicating to a human being with the way that it should be …. Maybe it’s time for us to ditch our phones and start grabbing a real human being and start talking properly?

Just an idea.  Ditch the phone during dinner parties and enjoy speaking 🙂

It’s a pretty funny and hilarious video by Dominic and Nigahiga (famous YouTubers).  Have a look and check it out!

It’s a promise, it’s worth 3 minutes of your time 🙂


Hola! Signore e signori

Hello everybody!  This is the very first blog from BabyTea and I hope you guys and girls out there will enjoy it as much as I do.

So, let’s do the little bit of introduction of why I am here now, blogging. Well, it all started because I was feeling really lost in life and, frankly speaking. I had no idea why I’m doing the stuffs I’m doing and WHAT THE HELL am I doing…  There is a sense of ‘drift’ settled in to my life and I dislike this current situation.

Hence, I ended up in google, typing in ‘article about feeling lost in life’. Trying to look for a solution to my question. What should I do and why the hell I feel lost in my life while, I’m still young. And i found this:

5 Reasons Why People Feel Lost in Their Lives (Forbes)

1. Drift Syndrome – feeling a ‘drift’ in your life IS an emotional trigger to feeling lost. Unfortunately…

2. Too Busy for Passion – Gasp! Attention to people who think that job is a working tool to paying bills (endless bills) and not about what they are passionate about. Time to worry about your future, perhaps not about the money BUT about your mental health….

3. Can’t Locate a Purpose – Well, it is really hard to get yourself motivated when you work just to pay off the bills and bring food to the table, and probably to shut the women/wives mouth by satisfying them with money and diamonds.  This is the time when you missed out on the happiness in your life when you start ranting about your ‘miserable life’.

4. Social Support is Vacant – So, here is the big question. How many of us are actually plugged into social networks that offer real, substantial support? Think about it… We normally socially organized ourselves around hobbies and sports.  Those networks might be great, BUT they don’t necessarily offer a vital connections between people who you can rely on.  However, one that is ironically growing at the same time: online social networkings are EXPLODING!

5. Cognitive Overload – This is very true in this world of technologies. So many things to do in such limited time.  Deadlines, meetings with your clients, bills to pay, to pick up your children from nurseries and schools, assignments, what to cook for dinner…. ETC (the list can go on and on). Life is complicated and we know it is complicated.  However, we are real human beings, we aren’t robots.  We simply have too much on our brains day-in and day-out to manage things effectively.  Without a quality external system for helping to manage it all, we can’t help but feel overloaded.  This will then contribute to a feeling of being out of sorts with responsibilities and demands we face ENDLESSLY. Gods didn’t create us for non-stop information driven… That’s why, we have to find tools to offload our cognitive load.

That’s what i found and to be honest, I feel very attached to that article and I immediately reflect on myself… Well, I’m not complaining about my life and I am really content with my life. The problem with me is that, I don’t know what to expect from life and I’m just lost in the middle of it… But I have faith in myself that  I will pick myself back up again and have the confidence back in me and ready to take the challenges that will be thrown at me in the future..

To the other out there, in another part of the world, sitting on your bed or your comfortable couch who feel the same way as I do. I just want to shout out to you that, you are not alone! I am in the same situation as you do! All I have to say is that, stay positive because ‘if life was easy, where would all the adventures be?’ And plus, if there are no downs in our life, where would the ups be? And, if we have no downs in our life, what is it to talk about over a dinner party? We are people who have interesting life!

So heads up! Cheer on! And let’s set goals for our future!

Ps: the reason why I am feeling a bit better it’s because of I read another article that I found on google search about ‘finding directions in life – how to stop feeling lost’  It helps a lot and my upcoming blog will be about it.

Take care and have a lovely day/evening. Sweet dreams.

– Failure Is Not Final –